3 Centers of the Court

Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth.

– Ludwig Borne

How many centers are there on a tennis court?  The obvious conclusion when you first glance at a tennis court is there is “one” center. Do you play inside of a rectangle?  A closer look reveals that the answer is no.  We actually play tennis inside of three primary, distinct, and differently shaped triangles.  This is the context behind the idea of establishing ‘3’ centers of the court.

As a player have you ever found yourself unable to retrieve the next ball?  Whether on the run or changing directions, you had a difficult time with spacing and timing your next shot?  One of the major issues that a player will face when it comes to moving and receiving the next ball from their opponent is improperly resetting back to the middle of the tennis court.  How would you like to play better tennis and move less around the court by moving more precise?

Precision movement is how you will achieve better reception of the ball.

3 Centers of the Court