Art of Winning Coach Development Program

There are several ways to navigate becoming an Art of Winning Coach.  The benefits include studying the latest and most advanced coaching mental/emotional techniques in the industry and understand how to implement them on a daily basis within your coaching philosophy.  If you haven’t fully developed your coaching philosophy, we can also help you develop one as a part of the AOW Advanced Program.

All the programs include online courses accessible 24/7 and required for the Art of Winning Coach.  Each course is stand alone and at the same time are intricately linked together.

Advanced Program – Online Course Option

The Advanced Program is a step by step option where you can purchase each course separately and go through the courses at your own pace.  If you have questions and inquiries about each course, you may contact us via email or phone.  If you choose this AOW program option, here is the order in which you will want to go through the courses one by one.

  1. Read or Listen to the book 7 On Court Strategies to Experience Your Play State, you can purchase a personal autographed copy of the book here by clicking here ->  7 On Court Strategies – The Book or the Audio Book Version here ->  Audio Book 7 On Court Strategies Course
  2. The First 4 Game Strategy
  3. Competitive Intelligence
  4. Premium Lesson
  5. Transform Your Practice



Advanced Program – Coach Apprentice Option (510$ per quarter)

Minimum 1 year commitment

The Apprentice Option is the most comprehensive option for coaches wanted to go all in to learn, discover, implement, and integrate the Art of Winning Coach mindset into their daily routines on the Practice Court with players.  Whether or not you have developed your personal coaching philosophy/methodology, this option includes weekly planning sessions that tailor your programs to develop Competitive Intelligent Players.  This option includes:

  • One-hour weekly video/audio conference call
  • Unlimited emails/text per week with updates, questions, and inquiries
  • Direct access to Styrling’s latest on-court challenges, games, and drills
  • Detailed outlines to plan your daily practice court sessions, solo and group
  • Includes 24/7 All Access Pass to AOW-TPC Online Courses

Advanced AOW Coaching

Apprentice Coach