Art of Winning Player Experience

  • Know exactly how to quickly uncover and maximize your potential to win more points
  • Be the player who knows the real ‘secret’ to winning and increase your win rate 100%

The Momentum Mindset

Momentum is a force that operates during a tennis match. Most players are aware of the effects of Momentum but have no idea how to harness it, therefore momentum just happens to them. This player experience looks at exactly how the player can tap into this force and incorporate it into their rituals and routine so that it becomes an integral part of every point.


There are three scenarios with Momentum. Momentum is either working for you, against you, or neither player has Momentum. The first task of the player is to identify which situation they are in.  Even at this early stage, the ‘momentum-minded’ player will be at a massive advantage to most other players. The next stage is to create, take or extend momentum by keeping track of the Momentum Score – the REAL SCORE!

Momentum and Data

Momentum has a decisive impact on the outcome of a match. In this section, we look at what the data can tell us and the decisive aspects of Momentum.  We will look at the patterns of Momentum in the match Data.  We will also look at the GPS (Game.Point.Shot) Navigation System to Winning and how to use shot momentum to win the point momentum in match play.

Managing Momentum with First Strike Sequences

To harness Momentum, the player needs to know what to do and when. There are specific first strike patterns that should be played depending on whether the player is creating, taking or extending the momentum. 

The Momentum Games

  • First Strike Point Game
  • Deuces are Wild
  • Conversions
  • Tsunami
  • 30-30 Surge


Art of Winning Player Event

The 1-Day, 3 hour LIVE player performance event looks in detail at the key stages of developing Competitive Intelligence. The course will equip you to overcome the resistance and challenges to become winning competitors.