First Strike Tennis Training Session

60%-70% of ALL points played END within the First Strike Phase of a Point.  What’s the First Strike Phase?  It includes the First 2-Shots that each player strikes.  If you are Serving, that would be the Serve and the first shot after the Serve (S1), and when Returning, the Return and the first shot after the Return (R1).  Beginning the point is the most difficult part of playing and winning in competition for various reasons:

  1. Pressure of the Moment
  2. Planning the First Strike Sequence
  3. First Strike Shot Selection


This 2-hour session with Styrling will feature how to begin a point with Purpose, with Power, and Control!  Every player wants to win more points and the secret to achieving this goal is how you play the First Strike 2-Shot Sequence.

You’ll learn these elements of First Strike Tennis:

  • 2-Shot Combinations & Patterns
  • The Power of the Cage
  • ISM (Individual Shot Making) vs. 2-Shot Sequential Patterns
  • Outside & Inside Run Serves – when to use them
  • Active vs. Neutral Shots
  • Attacking & Defending in the First Strike Phase
  • Shot Selection according to the Score
  • Momentum Scoring – earning Momentum/Conversion Points
  • GPS Navigation System to Win


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First Strike Tennis Session

Learn the secrets to playing the first 2-shots of the point and win more matches! This 2-hour session is packed with incredible practical ways for you to start winning more points today!!