In the Beginning Was The End

So many players begin their tennis journeys to become better by believing that if they only had a better forehand, serve, or volley, their game would improve dramatically! Have you ever wondered exactly why you are having trouble winning more points? Why that close match keeps slipping away into the jaws of defeat? It’s not the long rallies that count so much as the shorter ones that happen 60% of the time. The data is in and it’s glaring revelation is that just when you think a point is beginning, the end comes.

Transforming the Practice Court is about re-thinking and reverse engineering what really happens on the match court and then begin to practice in a better way. If the goal is to win more points and therefore more sets and matches, then your practice routines must change to mirror what actually occurs when you play a match and keep score. Keeping score is where all the pressure originates, without it you are free to hit all the balls you’d like over the net and in the court. But that’s not how we play the game, it’s a serve, a return, and then a maximum of three more shots per player that make up 90% of the points played in a competitive tennis match. That’s right, 2 + 2 doesn’t equal 4, it equals 90!  90% is what the data is revealing from the professional tour, college, juniors, high school, and recreational tennis match play. So if 9 out of 10 points you play in a match end on or before each player strikes 4 shots, then why in the world would you focus more time on anything else? Practice making 4 shots in a row in different sequences of predictable shots, that’s a better way to practice towards winning more. You can break it down however you choose but ultimately it’s about how you execute 1,2,3,4 shots in a row. I know, it’s hard to believe!  The reality is that every match in the world simply comes down to which player can consistently execute time and time again effective patterns inside the first 4 shots! Yes, numbers are black and white, they do not show preferential treatment towards anyone.  So, in the pages ahead of you, it is my goal to show you how to best utilize this incredible data as an advantage to win more points and enjoy telling a great story of how you did it.