The 8 Point Plan

The 8 Point Plan

1-  ​Play 2 shots into the court on EVERY point for 1 set
If you are serving, these two shots are the Serve (S) and the Serve plus one (S1)
If you are returning, these two shots are the Return of serve (R) and the Return of serve plus 1 (R1).

Soundcloud Audio – Play 2 shots

2-  Keep the Conversion score. 

A Conversion is winning 3 points in a row. You need to count the number of Conversion points you win and your opponent wins.  You start fresh at the beginning of a new set.

Soundcloud Audio – Momentum Scoring System

3-  Plan each First Strike Sequence of two shots ​BEFORE​​ the point begins and do so on ​EVERY point.

Soundcloud Audio – Planning First Strike Sequence

4-  If the point goes beyond your first x2 shots, ​RESET​​ after the second shot and try to play another x2 shots into the court.

Soundcloud Audio – 1-2 RESET

5- Only think about technique in relation to directing the first two shots into specific areas. For example, no backswing on the return. Hit​ ‘HIGH’ and ‘DEEP’ to cage your opponent on R1.

Soundcloud Audio – Technique in Context

6- Reset between Points:  If you miss the first or second shot, ​RESET​​ between points and ​IMMEDIATELY​​ refocus on the next two shot sequence that you are about to begin.

Soundcloud Audio – Reset between Points

7-  Look for the signs of surrender in your opponent.

Soundcloud Audio – Signs of Surrender

8- The Mini Battle:  Play the appropriate First Strike Sequence to win the Mini Battle.

Soundcloud Audio – The Mini Battle


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