Styrling Strother

As a professional tennis coach spanning two decades, Styrling Strother has trained thousands of players with his unique and passionate style of coaching. He is the Founder of Styrling Strother Tennis, a player development program located in Cary, North Carolina which is his home town. Styrling released his first book in July 2017, ‘7 On Court Strategies to Experience Your Play State‘ which has now become a #1 Best Selling Tennis Book.  He is the President of USATENNISCOACH, LLC promoting excellence through developing training, certification, and mentorship programs for team coaches worldwide. His coaching philosophy is shaped by the idea of “discovery through play” innovating mental and emotional strategies by creating a spacious environment for players to succeed. Styrling is a Tennis Performance Trainer (TPT) with the International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA) and a PTR Professional Coach who incorporates daily with his players the tennis specific performance training and injury prevention exercises to enhance their overall growth and development for their individual level of play.

Transforming the Practice Court is an innovative project to educate, inspire, and motivate tennis coaches to re-think and re-organize the ways we train players for the 21st century.  This project is more about innovating the old, tried and true methods of coaching towards a mindset of transforming our players on the practice court with the necessary tools they need to succeed on the match court. Check out his home website at as well as ‘Styrling Strother’ on Instagram and Facebook.