TPC Podcast – Frank Giampaolo 9.22.2017 Friday

Until now, athletes routinely warmed up their hardware (strokes and athleticism) but rarely bothered to prime their software (mental and emotional) components for battle.

Why do you think the mental/emotional training in tennis tends to take a “back seat” to physical and technical training?

What advice can you give young coaches out there just starting out, especially to those who played in college or on the tour and now want to go into coaching full-time?

What really separates a tennis player from someone who plays tennis?  and what is the difference in their practice on court?

Let’s swerve over into the data that’s just beginning to become mainstream that “the majority of points played in a tennis match are short, really short, the averages are coming in that 85%-90% of all points end 0-8 shots – that’s just 4 shots by each player”.  I know you worked very closely with Vic Braden at his tennis college and you guys studied and implemented this data with player development back in the 1980s.  What’s your story Frank and how has this data affected your coaching players on the practice court?



Let’s start here and I believe the conversation will flow from these first few questions?  Is there any questions you can think of that go along with these that we could write down and include in the beginning of the podcast?