Player Development

Player Development is geared for the player that is able to commit to multiple sessions of tennis training per week. You can choose between an individual or small group training, or a weekly group training with the options of choosing 1 or 2 days per week.  More than 4 days a week training is a personal training program developed by Coach Styrling, Player and Parents with respect to more specific goals and available coaching time.

Player Development (PD)

*(required minimum 2 hours solo sessions per week) or (1 hour solo session + weekly group session)

Competitive Level Group Training (16U)

These group training sessions are geared to the intermediate/advanced players looking to enhance their ability to win more in match play.  There is an emphasis on technique in the context of pattern development in point play.  This group is for the player 12-16 years old and we play the yellow ball on the 78′ court.

Monday/Wednesday:  5:30pm – 7:00pm

2 Day Weekly Competitive Group

2 Days of Week to participate in the Competitive Group Training *Point Play Strategy / Tactics *Technical Development *Mental/Emotional Strategic Development Plan


1 Day a Weekly Competitive Group

1 Day a Week Competitive Group Training Session *Point Play *Strategic & Tactical Development


Developmental Level Group Training (12U)

Monday/Wednesday:  4:15pm – 5:30pm

These group training sessions are geared towards the junior player still in the developmental stage of their tennis game.  There is a great emphasis on the technical aspect of strokes with a strong contextual reference to learning how to play points and win!  This group is for 8-12 years old players specifically.  We mostly play the Orange and Green Dot Compression Ball (60ft – 78ft court) and each player learns to transition back and forth with those 2 compression balls and court sizes.

2 Days Weekly Developmental Group Training

*technical stroke development *point play strategies/tactics *player character development


1 Day Weekly Developmental Group Training

*Point Play *Strategy/Tactics *Technical Development