How do I Win more Points in Competition?

On first hearing my solution to this problem, players and coaches often look at me like I have told them that the sky is blue. Although my solution may seem simple, there are two compelling reasons why 2-shot and ‘first strike’ sequences are the key to winning more points. The first reason is that, because of its simplicity, the 2-shot sequence approach is overlooked by virtually everyone in tennis. The second reason for adopting a 2-shot sequence approach to winning is that the results of applying the 2-shot sequencing method are dramatic, transformative and permanent.

My solution is this: Winning more points is directly linked to the ability to execute the first 2-shot sequence. Competence increases when the player is able to execute several two shot sequences during the point before their opponent makes an error.

Recently, I read an article that said, “practicing the first 2 shots was overrated and not so cut and dry” . I’d like to offer a different opinion and one that’s built upon the Number 2 *the most important number in tennis* and it’s predictable and repetitive presence in competitive match play.  Analytics, (The DATA and the Numbers) have begun to play a more important role in designing practice routines and regiments over the past 6 years (since 2012).

It’s easy to overlook and even dismiss the reality of rally length in match play.  One of the main reasons for this oversight is that most matches are not watched with the purpose of counting every successful shot landing in the court.

Why is this important?

So much information can be mined from data that tells you WHEN a point finishes with how many shots were played. This data offers a much clearer picture for player’s to improve their winning percentage.  This is one of the main reasons my team will be releasing the world’s first and most powerful Tennis Match Play Rally Length tracking App – called TennisMapPlay this Fall 2018 on the AppStore.Logo1

We’ve been working on this App for the last 24 months and it’s filled with charts and data analytics that you’ve most likely never seen before.  At least we hope so. The idea behind this App is to offer players, parents, and coaches a better picture of how points are won and lost and why it is important to focus on the first four shots in a point.  The App also illuminates when the player is winning and losing points in a game.

We want to help you answer the question “Why do I win and lose points?”

Why? … can be a subjective (personal or individual) reason or opinion for a player winning and losing points.  Over the past 6 years, our team has compiled data analytics and combined them to create powerful practice routines for players and coaches resulting in thousands of players winning more points in competition.  We believe with new technological tools – more players, parents, and coaches worldwide will also discover that there are many objective reasons why a player is winning and losing points.

The TennisMapPLAY App is designed to help you discover these objective reasons and possibly change your mindset to adopt a dynamic perspective to formulate new practice routines.  Since 2012, in case study after case study, players/parents/coaches worldwide are discovering better methods of practice and gain a competitive advantage to win more points in match play.

In my online course, click here for more information  –> Transform Your Practice <–,  I go through some of the foundational reasons why the first 2 + 2 shots are important, what they are, and how to apply (in practical ways) practice routines that transfer to match play readiness.  The 4.5 hour online course is filled with video, printable charts, and practical practice plans.  The main purpose of transforming the practice court is to assist your player to understand how and why to focus on developing 2-shot sequential patterns needed to win points under pressure.

Sample Video from Transform Your Practice Online Course

Our team, made up of coaches from the US, UK, and China, are finding that the 2-shot sequential patterns are helping players focus better and trust their instinctual responses built up by automatic pattern practice.  What our team has discovered is these 2-shot sequential patterns activate winning more than Isolated Shot Making (ISM) triggered by random impulses in the moment.  I refer to this mental/emotional state as Automatic Rhythm Responses in my book, “7 On Court Strategies to Experience Your Play State”.  The book explains in detail 7 on court strategies as the foundation for these types of 2-shot sequential practice routines.

As most players can relate, making last second decisions when playing a point often causes them to lose the point.  There is limited information available on the subject of tactical automation, our team has recently unearthed a strong connection between automatic 2-shot pattern sequences and momentum changes occurring throughout point play.  Momentum is a huge factor and the main reason for winning and losing in competition.

Players are more calm and collected in the beginning of the point when they decide in advance which shot sequence to carry out.  

Specifically, our team is discovering the considerable value of performing these shot selections with the 2-shot sequential pattern approach.

Dan Travis (UK) and I sat down this summer and discussed the importance and advantages of 2-shot sequential play patterns and how it improves the mental/emotional state of a player in competition.  We are in the process of releasing a Player and Coaching Programme called The Art of Winning that integrates these ideas with your existing practice routines.  If you’re interesting in receiving more information about this programme, which will consist of LIVE ON-Court Daily Courses and online courses, contact me ( or Facebook Messenger, or Dan Travis ( or Dan Travis on Facebook Messenger.  Below is the link to the video – Revolution of the Winning Agenda.

–>Access the Fireside Chat with Styrling and Dan here <–


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